September 16th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

Good news

From the San Jose Mercury News "Peninsula in Brief" column:

Pet adoptions set record on Sept. 11

The Peninsula Humane Society had a record number of adoptions on Sept. 11 -- that's 23 cats, five dogs, two rabbits, three guinea pigs and a duck.

The center attributes the 34 adoptions -- more than double the average Saturday total of 12-15 -- to people commemorating a tragedy by spreading care.
People kept filing in the shelter doors, said Kathy Fries, the customer service manager. Several specified that they wanted to help another living creature in memory of the events of 2001.
red panda eating bamboo

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Does your iTunes randomizer have favorite songs? I have over 3000 songs in mine, and this one has come up at least once a day over the past week.
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