December 16th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

Cut-tag photos?

Historically I've used a cut-tag for all photos posted in my journal. Now that I have a high-bandwidth connection I find that I tend to prefer seeing other people's photos in the main entry rather than under a cut-tag. So I am trying to decide whether to change my policy, and therefore I'm creating a poll about it.

Note: I try never to post photos that are bigger than 500 pixels wide; if I did post a photo that was wider, I would definitely cut-tag it so that it wouldn't make people's friends pages really wide. So this poll is about photo file size rather than photo size.

Poll #404413 Should firecat cut-tag photos? Poll

Should firecat cut-tag photos in her journal?

Cut-tag all photos
Cut-tag only photos totalling more than 10K
Cut-tag only photos totalling more than 50K
Cut-tag only photos totalling more than 100K
Don't cut-tag any photos
Other (explain in comments)