December 26th, 2004

rolling cat

firecat's amazing dysspatialrotatia

My dad has a mild case of dyslexia. I don't, but I do share with him a "talent" whereby if I try to put something together, and there is anything the slightest bit unclear about any instructions I'm using, I put it together every single wrong way before I get to the right way.

I really mean that - it doesn't just seem like that because I stop once I get to a right way. I bet I would make a great user-testing subject for Ikea instructions.

I've never seen a name put to this talent, so I made up my own.

This talent also applies to my attempts at crafts. Collapse )

The benefit from figuring all this out is that doing it the correct way makes it a bit easier to handle the yarn so the knitting goes slightly faster. I'm now knitting almost as fast as I crochet.