January 28th, 2005


Bonus rant on honesty

Mail order pharmacy: "After receiving your prescription we'll process it in 2-3 days and put it in the mail."
Me, 3 weeks later, on phone to doctor's office: "I'm out of this prescription because the mail order pharmacy hasn't sent it yet. I need a 1-month refill right now. Please be ready for the local pharmacy's phone call."
Doctor's office: "Sure, no problem."
Local pharmacist, next day, to me: "The doctor's office hasn't approved your prescription yet."
Me, at doctor's office, 15 minutes later: "The pharmacy says you haven't approved the prescription."
Doctor's office (after getting on phone with pharmacy): "It turns out they had it ready after all."
Me, to pharmacist, 15 minutes later: "Why did you say the prescription wasn't ready, when you had it all along?"
Pharmacist: "The doctor's office just called in the approval."