August 15th, 2005

red panda eating bamboo

Back from Planet NAAFA

It was one of the best conventions I've been to. (I've never been to a national NAAFA event before, but I've been to quite a number of volunteer-run poly, science-fiction, feminist, pagan, and fat women's conventions.) Like the other good conventions I've been to, it was well run by some really dedicated volunteers, and it was welcoming of a lot of different kinds of people.

It was an important personal experience for me too in a number of ways. I'm way too tired to go into that in more detail now.

I brought my laptop with me, but I forgot to bring my LJ password so I didn't keep up at all with LJ and won't be able to get caught up now. If there's anything in your journal since last Tuesday that you want me to see, please comment here.
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