September 9th, 2005


No on California Prop 73

California Proposition 73 would require doctors to notify parents when a teen seeks an abortion.

I oppose this. Teens who feel safe talking to their parents about an abortion will do so. It's not going to improve any parent-teen relationships for parents to find out from a doctor that their child is pregnant. It's not going to improve any teenagers' health or safety to avoid doctors and seek abortions elsewhere, to wait until a later stage of pregnancy to choose abortion, or to bear unwanted children.

(The above is a Planned Parenthood affilated project.)

I don't think many of the people reading my journal need it explained to them why this proposition is a bad idea. It just pisses me right off that I have to spend ANY brain cells on this when there's so much stuff going on to worry about.
kittens on yarn


Practically free yarn (in 20 pound lots for $25 shipping and handling)

I like Newton's Yarn Country. The shawl I made last year that won a prize at the county fair was made with some of their novelty yarn. However, it looks like the free yarn they are offering is on cones intended for use in machine knitting. (You can still hand knit from cones, though.)

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all, but I ordered some.