April 29th, 2006

reflective giovanni


I think I may be in need of a counselor / therapist. Any SF Bay Area people have recommendations? My requirements:

Does both relationship counseling and individual counseling
Not someone I know socially
Poly friendly
Fat positive

ETA: Peninsula preferred, San Francisco or South Bay OK
EATA: East Bay also OK if therapist works on weekends
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cafe press

As you may know, Cafe Press is looking into producing more items in larger sizes. They're located near where I live and after I filled out some questionnaires for them, I got an invite to a "fit session" today, to which I RSVPed.

Unfortunately, the invite didn't specify where exactly the fit session was going to be, and subsequent emails to the person who invited me went unanswered. So I didn't go.

I know Cafe Press's corporate address, but I wasn't inclined to just show up there without confirmation of the address.
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