May 17th, 2006

coffee neon

coffee DIY rant

I've been working this one up for a few days (begun as a comment in epi_lj's journal and just posted it on, so I thought I'd share it with my fanbase here :-)

Sometimes I really don't know what to think about the proliferation of DIY in the kitchen, especially where coffee is concerned. In order to keep up with the cool kids, first we had to brew real coffee and not ever use instant, then we had to make coffee in a melitta cone, then we had to grind our own beans at home, then we had to grind them in a burr grinder, then we had to make the coffee in a press pot or an industrial strength Gaggia, and now we have to roast our own beans. What's next, is everyone going to have to get their own Palm Civets and produce their very own Kopi Luak?

I also noticed a few years ago that one of the hoity toity kitchen catalogs was selling a very expensive percolator and making claims about how pushing the beans UP through the grounds produced such a better taste than other methods. I'm sure they carefully timed this announcement to whenever they guessed the absolute most people had finally gotten rid of their parents' old percolator from the 1950s.

My Progress: I have passed the "brew real coffee" milepost, and am starting to think I need a new grinder

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