June 10th, 2006

red panda eating bamboo

Big Fat Carnival #3, some criticisms

A few people suggested that they might like to read more about my negative reactions to some parts of some of the posts and comments featured on Big Fat Carnival 3. My original post on the subject is here.

  • I've included only posts about which I had some criticisms. There were a number of other posts that I didn't have any negative opinions about.
  • I've mostly only included criticisms here. VeganKid did a good job of describing the value of each contribution. But I want to say that I also deeply appreciate anyone who takes the time and energy to think and write about fat acceptance. It can be a very scary thing to write about, both because for someone who has been labeled as fat it can be a very personal topic, and because such writings are bound to draw fire from people who are very invested in societal fat-phobia. (As some of the comments on the posts showed.)
  • Some of my criticisms are really nitpicky, and some of them go into the connotations and implications of phrases. Others may not read the same connotations or implications into the words. If I find an implication that doesn't mean I believe the writer necessarily intended it or necessarily believes it on either a conscious or a subconscious level. I'm just writing about the words and my reactions to them. I think some others might well have similar reactions, but perhaps not, and either way it's fine with me.
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