July 24th, 2006


lace knitting needs a technical editor

I'm trying to learn lace knitting and I started with Knitty.com's Branching Out and the little spiral-bound Vogue Knitting Quick Reference.

First challenge: How to do a Yarn Over. Several different web sites and the reference book show entirely different ways of doing it. I still don't know if I am doing it right, but I am getting an extra stitch on the needle and a hole underneath, so I guess what I'm doing might be good enough. (In writing this entry I looked at yet more web sites. The video accessible from
is the most useful I've seen so far, and suggests I'm doing it the right way.)

Second challenge: I keep running out of stitches before the instructions run out. I count stitches, try again several times. Then I count stitches on the pattern. Finally I realize that although my reference book implies that YO means "yarn over and knit the next stitch," when the Knitty pattern says YO it means simply "wrap the yarn around the needle" and what you do next depends on what the next instruction is. Try again with this in mind. It works. Yay me for figuring it out! Boo Knitty and Vogue for being entirely unclear on this point!