August 16th, 2006

red panda eating bamboo

San Mateo County Fair

I went with bastette_joyce to the San Mateo County Fair this evening. We had gyros and pulled pork sandwiches, petted a lot of goats and sheep, and saw some fucking amazing quilts, lace, needlework, and so on while big band music played outside the door.

I had submitted my DNA scarf and two necklaces for the Home Arts exhibition. It's worthwhile to submit stuff even though there's a $2-$3 fee per item because you get two free passes and a free parking pass, which are worth about $25.

I won second prize in the "Wire Wrapped Jewelry" category. Go me!

Given the state of scientific knowledge in my country I suppose it was unreasonable of me to expect the folks setting up the exhibit to notice the DNA pattern in the scarf. They are displaying it wrong side up, and it's in a glass case so I couldn't get in to change the way it is displayed.
red panda eating bamboo

[not filtered] subscribed journals/feeds (aka friends list) cull

I didn't like what LJ did to my subscribed journals/feeds (aka friendslist) when it reached 500 entries, so I removed some things, including some personal journals that appear not to have been updated in a long time.

I just posted a filtered entry to my friends list. If you can't see that post and you want to remain on my friends list, please comment.