September 9th, 2006

red panda eating bamboo

Where do I sign up for more time?

The OH and I just got back from the TechShop preview party. Here's a bit of the blurb from their web site:
TechShop is a fully-equipped open-access workshop and creative environment that lets you drop in any time and work on your own projects at your own pace. It is like a health club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment...a Kinko's for geeks. [...]

TechShop is designed for everyone, regardless of their skill level. TechShop is perfect for inventors, "makers", hackers, tinkerers, artists, roboteers, families, entrepreneurs, youth groups, FIRST robotic teams, arts and crafts enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to be able to make things that they dream up but don't have the tools, space or skills.
Their facility is over 15,000 square feet and will have
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They're also planning to offer a boatload of classes.

The place is very much a work in progress right now. It was fun to walk around and look into all the rooms; a few had equipment but most only had a label for what was eventually going to be there.