November 3rd, 2006

talkie toaster


Insofar as
I haven't started Nanowrimo and that means I probably won't this year
Nanowrimo does make me inspired to do art
Some people I know are doing naknitmo
I'm doing some knitting but too lazy to count actual stitches

therefore be it resolved that
I am declaring November to be Personal Creative Hacking Month (PerCreHMo, if you must)

Today's hacking:

Some knitting on my Shawl Collar Cardigan-or-Vest-Depending-on-Whether-I-Have-Enough-Yarn while watching the OH set up and become thoroughly fed up by the new VCR/DVD-R we bought (it does a really poor job of displaying closed captions that our other DVD player displays just fine)

Dragging out my old project of a "quilt" made out of old Apple Computer project T-shirts, re-evaluating the design I planned, sewing three rows of sections together, and making two new sections out of smaller sections.