November 23rd, 2006

red panda eating bamboo

Book recommendations

I posted the 50 influential science fiction and fantasy books meme here and a while back the Guardian's idea of the "top 20 geek novels" here. In both cases I asked for recommendations. I got a bunch of them and am compiling them here for my reference and anyone else's who's interested. (I'm selfishly leaving out the recommendations I don't intend to follow, such as Heinlein.)

Isaac Asimov, Caves of Steel
Iain M Banks, Consider Phlebas, Excession, Look to Windward, The Bridge, Use of Weapons, Against a Dark Background, The Crow Road, The Wasp Factory
James Blish, Cities in Flight
Hal Clement, Mission of Gravity
Philip K. Dick, Time out of Joint, Valis
Greg Egan, Diaspora
Gwynyth Jones, Life
Harlan Ellison, Dangerous Visions (cherry-pick)
Nevil Shute, On the Beach
Cordwainer Smith, The Rediscovery of Man
Neal Stephenson, The Cryptonomicon
Theodore Sturgeon, More than Human
JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion
John Varley, The Persistence of Vision
Peter Watts, the Behemoth series
John Wyndham, Day of the Triffids, Midwich Cuckoos, Chocky's Children, Trouble with Lichen, The Chrysalids

US Thanksgiving

Some things I'm grateful for, in no particular order:

Finishing the OH's and my book Python for Dummies
New interesting work acquired as a result of writing the book and a recommendation from a friend
A steady contract client
Angus and Biscuit, our cats
The OH
My sweeties and FWB
My best IM buddy
My good friends near and far
My parents
My parents living nearby
My cousins in Illinois
The OH's parents and cousins in Las Vegas
The OH's sweeties
Science fiction books
My house
The house they built next door is finished and the new neighbors are quiet
Making things out of yarn, beads, and wire (not necessarily all at the same time)
Most parts of my body work pretty well
Pharmaceuticals and devices that improve the way some of the other parts work
My brain
My curiosity
Love of learning
Enough $
Down comforters
Apple Computer products
Hawaiian shirts
Netflix and DVDs with subtitles
Zuma Deluxe
The scientific method
Northern California weather