March 27th, 2007

color mouse

gip and today's cool thing that scientists got to do

Via suzanne, I learn that scientists have created mouse-human hybrids...well OK, the only hybrid part is a set of genes coding for human-type trichromatic color vision, otherwise they are mice.

Carl Zimmer's blog The Loom (syndicated at carlzimmer) contains an interesting discussion of the result - the mice's brains can actually interpret what they are seeing, even though their brains aren't specifically designed to interpret the extra color information.

Also it contains an image I couldn't resist iconifying.
snack cat soup

SF Bay Area broadband recommendations?

The OH wrote elsewhere:
So Speakeasy just got bought out by Best Buy. Ewwww! I'm not changing
immediately, but I'd like some current recommendations for broadband
choices in the SF Bay Area. We prefer non-cable but are willing to
consider anything reliable at this point (we currently do not have a
cable hookup).
Press release here: