April 7th, 2007

red panda eating bamboo

Easy 'lace'

After struggling with the Knitty Branching Out pattern I craved an easy project. I recently picked up Unexpected Knitting by Debbie New and it has a chapter on "scribble lace," which is basically knitting with a thick yarn and a thread on large needles. It produces an open fabric in which the stitches of thick yarn stand out.

A while back an LJ friend gave me some Gedifra Byzanz yarn and it seemed perfect for this project.

I started by knitting a scarf widthwise (10-15 stitches per row) in stockinette according to instructions in Unexpected Knitting—3 rows thread, 1 row yarn. Then I discovered a third ball of Byzanz in my stash. I picked up stitches along the long edge and knit using 1 row yarn and 5 rows thread in garter stitch. I finished some parts with crochet edging.

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