June 21st, 2007

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backassed bragging

I think I'm pretty smart. And I did well in school.

But if—as is reported in the latest junkfoodscience post—"Jocks tend to be better students than couch potatoes," I can only imagine how much smarter I would have been if I'd had more enforced physical activity as a schoolkid (in the name of preventing obesity of course). Not only would I have been skinny, but I would have been so smart that I probably would have invented some superweapon and the Earth would now be a ring of ashes orbiting Venus.

Especially check out the part of the article that discusses the "activity pyramid." It has "schoolwork, homework, reading, computer games, TV, videos, eating, resting, and sleeping" in a tiny triangle at the top, the same triangle that contains "fats" on the food pyramid.
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favorite hotels in/near Monterey, Calif.?

I'm thinking about going to Monterey in August to visit the Monterey County Fair and Wool Show and the aquarium. I'm having trouble deciding where to stay. Do you have a favorite hotel there? My budget is up to $250 per night but I'd rather pay less if I can find someplace decent for less. I don't care about being within "walking distance" of anything because my "walking distance" is only a couple of blocks, and I know I can park in a city lot to visit the aquarium. I prefer hotels to b&bs.