February 21st, 2008

red panda eating bamboo

freecycle (sf bay area, peninsula)

Here's the freecycle post I just made. If you want any of these things, comment with a time you can come pick them up. I want them out of the house so I'm probably not willing to hold them for an unspecified pickup time. Comments screened.

I'm in San Carlos near the Trader Joe's.

I have the following to give away:

2 1 styrofoam containers with lids, about 18"x18"x24"

10-12 polar pack freezer packs, about 6"x8" ea.

dental floss:
johnson & johnson reach unflavored unwaxed (2 containers, 55 yd ea.)
glide, one blister pack of 2 travel size, one 55 yd container

hello kitty small plastic case, holds spare leads for mechanical pencil
pink glitter plastic children's blunt-end scissors
assorted beads
malachite (I think) cat fetish, about 1.25" high, small chip on ear

wooden cutting board shaped like a clover leaf

glasses case, plain and small (says 'silhouettes')

blue embossed leather Arizona birkenstock sandals, women's size 8.5-9
pink birkofloor Catalina birkenstock sandals, women's size 9-9.5

flannel ankle-high slippers with suede bottoms, women's size 9

precision qid blood glucose meter

mac os X 10.1.2 cds for iBook

"a holiday journey" music CD

bungee cord, about 3" long