February 29th, 2008


shaping problems in knitting

http://www.knittingdaily.com/ is getting into some of the nitty-gritty of garment shaping. The post titled "What Shape Are You?" is about how to determine if you are long-waisted or short-waisted. I found the instructions confusing and/or irrelevant to my body shape so I made a comment, and in the next post "Knit For Your Shape: Waist Q & A" my questions were quoted and addressed.
Stef M:
This gives me one (neck-to-waist) measurement in front and an entirely different one in back. As well as long waisted and short waisted I guess some of us also need front waisted and back waisted? And do I measure following the contour of my belly? Or straight up and down?

In this exercise, we were strictly looking at proportions rather than actual measurements; the tape measure was just an aid to helping you visualize. Again: Look at yourself in the mirror. Is your waist closer to your neck (short-waisted) or closer to your crotch (long-waisted)? You will need to know more exact measurements for fitting your sweaters once we get to that part of the Knit For Your Shape series—and yes, there, it is very possible that you will have a different front waist measurement than back waist.
Following her instructions, I am indeed short waisted in back and long waisted in front.