March 11th, 2008

red panda eating bamboo

insight meditation thoughts, #2 in a series

At IMC Gil Fronsdal's talk was about "mindfulness of the body." Some points from the talk:
  • Some Buddhists believe that the "awakening" that occurs is an awakening of the body more than of the mind.
  • Western cultures separate the body and mind more than Eastern cultures do.
  • The body is always in the present and the mind only rarely is.
Some ramblings based on points from the talk: Collapse )

In the comments to my first post in this series, some folks wanted a link to the podcast of Gil's talk on the Seven Factors of Awakening. A podcast of that particular talk has not been posted, but if you look on the Audio Dharma web page for Gil he did a talk about it on 10/22/07. Maybe it's similar.