August 24th, 2008

red panda eating bamboo

Presidential 'gigolos'

This article discusses one of the arguments that the Right put up against John Kerry in 2004 -- that he was unsuitable as a presidential candidate because his money came from having married wealthy women. (They called him a gigolo.) Now the tables are turned because McCain's wealth also comes from his wife. Should Democrats campaign using the same tactics?

(The OH found the article.)
red panda eating bamboo

On social interaction

Part of this is from a comment in leback's journal. says that everyone is socially retarded, and proceeds with a list of behavior rules that we all should follow. I agree with many of the behavior rules.

But he lost me when he wrote "Everyone is on the Short Bus of Social Interaction to some degree or another." It's one thing to say "I hold extremely high ideals for social behavior, and no one measures up to my ideals." It's another thing to say that everyone is retarded. The latter does not take responsibility for your own attitudes. Besides, it makes no sense.
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