December 18th, 2008

red panda eating bamboo

eight days of happiness: eight

No one said they had to be eight consecutive days.

I had a hard time accessing feelings of happiness yesterday and today, although I didn't feel unhappy on either day. Yesterday I felt very sleepy most of the day. (Not getting enough sleep because you went to bed too late and had to get up early to walk the parents' dog will do that to a person.) Today I had stuff to take care of and mostly felt neutral. I did a lot of mindless Internet gaming both days. (I have been compulsively playing a couple of dozen little Facebook games that are all very similar.)

There have been a lot of things to be appreciative of though even if I don't feel happy about them.

I feel very appreciative of my relationship with my parents. We genuinely like each other despite rather considerable differences in politics and life choices. I am glad that they moved to California to be near me because I hated having to travel to Detroit several times a year to see them; our relationship works much better when we see each other a few hours a week than a few days at a time three times a year.

I like that I have the kind of work with flexible hours so I can work around my unpredictable energy level.

I appreciate that we can afford to hire someone to clean the house.

The Internet is pretty darn cool.

Tonight I had a date with kyubi and I felt happy about a couple of things: a yummy meal of beef brisket, and doing more work on our resin projects. There was some unhappiness too though, because I failed to prevent a cat from putting her tail in my resin project, which necessitated our making the cat unhappy by restraining and cleaning her. :-(