March 26th, 2009



I did this on Usenet once and got some interesting answers. If I can find the thread in Gooja I will post it in a couple of days.
ETA: I made a comment in this post about what happened on Usenet.

I have had the following in my quote file for a long time. I don't know whether it is an accurate quote or not, but I like it.
Joshu is my favorite Zen Master. It is said that a monk once asked him, To be holy -- what is it like?" Joshu replied, "To dump a mountain of shit on a clean plain." -- Dick Sutphen
What do you think Joshu means?

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red panda eating bamboo

Help with research on Fat Acceptance

Passing it on.

Please feel free to forward or post this CFP on any appropriate site, especially blogs and sites within the Fatosphere.

Thanks, Lonie

We are looking for individuals to participate in email interviews examining the
current attitudes towards fat and at changing those attitudes. All walks of life
are welcome \226 gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race,
ethnicity, political leanings, and social status do not matter. We are looking for
individuals who somehow participate in the Fatosphere \226 bloggers, commenters
and readers \226 and that consider themselves part of the Fat Acceptance Movement.

These interviews will take place through email in April and May of 2009. The
interviews will involve a series of questions that you may answer by email in your
own time as long as the interview is completed by May 15th, 2009. You may refuse
to answer any question or end the interview at any time.

For the sake of anonymity, we encourage you to create a new email address strictly
for the purpose of this interview. Free email accounts are available through Yahoo
(, hotmail (, or Google mail ( In any
published material, you will be quoted using the pseudonym of your choice. Please
contact us from the email address you choose to use at
if you are interested. Please note where you viewed this posting.

This is a fat friendly research project.

Lonie McMichael
PhD Candidate
Technical Communication and Rhetoric
Texas Tech University