June 27th, 2009

red panda eating bamboo

booklog: Richard K. Morgan, The Steel Remains

The Steel Remains The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan

This is supposed to be the first book of a trilogy.

Audiobook narrated by Simon Vance. He's a technically good narrator but I'm getting sick of how he overuses/misuses accents. In this book I'm just not convinced that nomads of the steppes should have cockney-esque accents.

Richard K. Morgan, prior to this novel, has written noir/cyberpunk; this is his first foray into sword & sorcery fantasy. I kind of think his writing style works better for cyberpunk. It's not that every fantasy has to be written in formal language, but the use of a term for sexual intercourse as punctuation (a feature of all Morgan's books) is kind of jarring in a fantasy book.

I like that the primary point-of-view character is Collapse )
red panda eating bamboo

Satisfied customer notes: Wild Pacific Seafood

I think I'll start a series of posts about companies I like to do business with.

I found out about Wild Pacific Seafood http://www.pelicanpackers.com/ (aka Pelican's Choice) from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, which includes resources for buying sustainably harvested seafood.

Wild Pacific Seafood has one fishing boat and they catch albacore via the trolling method, which is listed on the Seafood Watch card as a best choice. Troll-caught tuna are younger and have lower mercury levels than longline-caught tuna. Trolling produces less bycatch than longlining or purse-seining.

Anyway, they sell several flavors of canned albacore in pop-top cans. The OH and I buy the no-salt-added variety, 100% tuna. It's expensive compared to regular supermarket tuna, but a can of this stuff goes farther than a can of supermarket tuna, which has a lot of water in it. (And our cats, shockingly, don't seem to like tuna water.)

Every time we place an order (we usually get two 24-packs, which works out to $2.75 per can), they include a hand-written letter. Sometimes they include a sample of a different flavor.
red panda eating bamboo

Call for submissions for Wiscon 33 Wiscon Chronicles

Details in this post by [info]sylvianq:
every year Aqueduct Press produces a volume covering the WisCon for the previous year. Timmi Duchamp has asked me to edit the 4th WisCon Chronicles, covering WisCon 33. It's a great honour, if somewhat daunting!

Anyhow, at the moment I'm formally calling for materials for WisCon Chronicles 4.
She is looking for panel reports and "overall personal views" of the con, among other things.