August 2nd, 2009

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new-to-me privilege meme

I've seen various privilege memes around, and most of them are pretty US-centric. I found this one in the blog Enlightenment Ward here, and it's quite a bit broader, although there are certain things it doesn't capture (for example, the effects of parental expectations).

The original post is also worth reading because of the description of how the questionnaire was put together, and because of the discussion of the results.

Instructions and Scoring

Take the questions one at a time. Don’t relate them to any before or after.

Add 1 point if the item describes your situation (Y)

Subtract 1 point if it does not (N)

Put zero (0) if it does not relate to your situation (ie if you have no children and the question relates to children or if cell phones were not available at the time mentioned).


A) Education

1. If all your grandparents could read and write
2. If your father finished grade school (8 years)
3. If your father finished high school (12 years)
4. If your father went to college (1 or more years) or completed trade school
5. If your father finished college
6. If your father has a PhD (or international equivalent)
7. If your mother finished grade school (8 years)
8. If your mother finished high school (12 years)
9. If your mother went to college or completed trade school
10. If your mother finished college
11. If your mother has a PhD (or international equivalent)
12. If you have any relative other than your parents who is an attorney, physician, engineer, accountant, judge, high elected official (senator/governor/chief minister etc.) or professor.
13. If you finished grade school
14. If you finished high school
15. If you went to college or completed trade school
16. If you finished college
17. If you have a PhD
18. If your family was the same or higher class than your school teachers
19. If you have a commercial driver’s license or any pilot’s license
20. If you went to a private (not government run) grade school
21. If you went to a private high school
22. If you had a private tutor
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