January 18th, 2010

red panda eating bamboo

The knowledge of the social network is requested

Edit 1/19/10: Turns out I don't have to activate a data pack in order to send pictures. VM eventually suggested that I try a hard reset on my phone to fix the problem where it wouldn't send photos, and that worked.

I'm still cranky at them so I appreciate the suggestions of other pay as you go services.

1 pay as you go cell phone service
that doesn't require you to register a credit card or PayPal account
and that isn't Virgin Mobile

Features I use on my phone:
take and send pictures

I'm unhappy with VM because it seems they have changed their pay as you go plan so that you have to activate a data pack ($1.50 per 24 hours) in order to send pictures. I used to be able to send pictures for 25 cents each, without activating a data pack, and I'm sick of their adding extra charges to my plan. Plus, the picture sending isn't working anyway.