January 31st, 2010

red panda eating bamboo

Vacation report

I went on a vacation by myself last week. I stayed at a small inn (The Inn at Maverick's) near Half Moon Bay. I liked the inn a lot. During the day I sat around near the water in various places mostly around Pillar Point Harbor, shopped at the Paper Crane, a paper & card shop in Half Moon Bay, and ate various kinds of fried fish. (The Mayan fish taco plate at Cafe Capistrano [warning, web page plays music]) was my favorite.) In the evenings I watched TV and knitted. Here are some photos:
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We haven't had TV reception to speak of at our house since we got our new roof put on and removed the satellite dish (although the OH did manage to get about six local channels by hooking the cable up so it served as an antenna). I didn't realize it but I guess I was kind of hungry for TV.

On PBS one evening I became the last person on the planet to discover the show Life on Mars (the British version) and I really liked the episode I saw, so I put it on the Netflix queue. That same evening I saw the Serena Williams/Victoria Azarenka quarterfinals match of the 2010 Australia Open.

The next evening I watched most of the 2008 VH1 top 100 hip-hop songs countdown and discovered how woefully small my hip-hop knowledge is, because I had only heard about ten of the songs before.

The final evening I watched three episodes of Wild Russia on Animal Planet, then I found various episodes of the kind of show where they take you to farms and factories to show you how things are made. One show featured the elements of a Chinese takeout meal (Peking Duck, soy sauce, oyster sauce, the takeout box, and the fortune cookie) and another featured potato products.

I was working on these knitting projects:
Sivia Harding "Follow the Leader" Faroese shawl (I'm working on the bottom band now)

A top-down sweater from Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top using a mosaic pattern from Barbara Walker's Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns

A pair of socks from Ditto yarn "Purple Cascade"