February 14th, 2010

red panda eating bamboo

Warning: Your targeted email marketing application was written by geeks in a silly mood

I received a "Happy Valentines Day" e-mail message from a well-regarded remodeling firm located in the SF Bay Area.

When I viewed the message using an HTML-equipped email client, I saw a Valentine's greeting and various photos of the staff.

However, I process my email first using an ASCII-only client. This is the first thing I saw:
Headline goes here

Article headline

Recent psychological studies and brain scans have shown that
tigers have naturally violent tendencies toward chimpanzees.
"There's sort of a banana-envy thing going on, which makes the
average tiger very self-conscious around chimpanzees" says Dr.
Chimpfried Brown. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,  consectetuer
adipiscing elit. Sed at erat. Phasellus condimentum. Nullam sed
magna. Donec quis tellus in neque congue porttitor. Proin sit
amet ligula id leo porta rutrum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
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