May 21st, 2010

color mouse

That new bacterium species we synthesized

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(emphasis mine)
The custom-built genome is a near-exact replica of its natural counterpart, with just a few nonessential genes removed and a small number of sequence errors that don't affect the organism's function. The group also added four special 'watermark sequences' to help to distinguish it from the original version. The sequences contain a hidden code of names and sentences, along with a URL and an e-mail address for would-be decoders to contact.

I don't know why, but that's the part that blows my mind the most.

(The icon is from a report about an earlier genetic experiment that gave trichromatic color vision to mice.)

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red panda eating bamboo

Signal boosting

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Breaking News: In the early morning of May 20, a major fire destroyed a large section of our shelter. We lost our entire cat sheltering area as well as laundry facilities and offices. We are currently without water, electricity and phone service.

We lost 15 of our beautiful cats that were ready for adoption but all the dogs survived and are being cared for in our kennels and at a veterinary emergency service.

Our most immediate needs are:

-Monetary donations. Any amount you can donate will make a difference. You can help us three ways.

- Online, press any DONATE button on the website

-By phone at (510) 845-7735. Our phone system is being switched to Fliqz to help you donate.

- Mail donations to:BEBHS, 2700 9th St, Berkeley,CA 94710

Foster Homes for dogs and cats.
Please Contact:
if you have temporary space for a dog or cat.

Volunteers: In the immediate future, we will have major cleaning and repair tasks as well as animal care. Please contact:
if you can spare some time to help once the tasks are organized.

We will post updates of our needs on the website as we assess the situation.

We want to get back to helping the community with homeless pets just as we have done since 1927. We desperately need your help in this crisis, especially with donations, to get us going again. We can only do it with your help.

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