June 25th, 2010

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Your own little corner of the Internet

[personal profile] snippy posted some musings (I am linking to the LJ post rather than the DW post because more of the comments are there) about why her LJ friends list is so much quieter than it used to be and about which places on the Internet have felt like social communities to her. I posted some of the following as a comment.
My LJ flist is quieter, but partly because during my family crisis last summer I cut my reading list way back. Also, I moved the folks cross-posting at DW to a different list.

When I got back enough time to want to read journals again, I went around subscribing to people on DW; there is something about the subscription/access model where I give myself permission to read the journals of people I don't know, whereas with LJ's friends list model I want to wait to be invited.

I'm not deeply into media fandom or fanfic myself, but it seems to me that a number of the people who are also have interesting-to-me thoughts about other stuff.

I flounced to LJ during a week where my Usenet home alt.polyamory was being annoying. But I still post to both. My journaling home is now DW but I cross-post almost everything to LJ and have enough friends still here that I plan to continue. Usenet and journaling encourage very different sorts of conversations and I value both kinds.

Last year I got sucked into Facebook but at this point I've been spit out again and I only post fluff there for the most part. I sometimes post the same fluff to my journals but often no one comments in the journals and so I assume the stuff goes over better elsewhere and am less likely to make the effort to repost it in the future. (I tried auto-crossposting from LJ to Facebook and didn't like it.)
Where are your Internet meeting places? Have they changed over time?

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cat update

angus had four enemas and probably the same number of x-rays. he is coming home tonight because he won't eat at the vet hospital and they need him to eat in order to get the rest of the poop out.

once he has started eating again, they want him to be on prescription weight loss / high fiber food and they want me to implement portion control, which means i will no longer be able to free-feed the cats. this stresses me out for two reasons.

1. chasing the cats to different parts of the house a couple of times a day isn't particularly compatible with my own disabilities.

2. i don't want to do things to angus that make him unhappy in his day to day life. he gained a lot of weight on a pretty normal amount of food for a cat (based on my previous experience with cats). when i free feed him, he seems to eat moderately. but if his food bowl becomes empty then once he gets some food he gobbles it so fast he regurgitates. that suggests to me that he has a history of being starved (either because he was feral/stray or because previous owners had him on a diet). since being constipated also makes him unhappy and constipation might be related to his weight, i am willing to give a weight loss treatment a try. but if it comes down to a tradeoff between his living longer vs. living happier, i'd rather that he lived happier.

other things possibly contributing to his condition: he has some arthritis of the spine which may be causing him to not want to "position." he isn't active enough. of course when a creature is constipated it is disinclined to be active, so that's a vicious circle.

advice/comments/anecdata welcomed.

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