April 4th, 2011

red panda eating bamboo

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I like it, but I keep wanting to swap the pronouns:
HeShe's a benighted vegetarian rock star who dotes on hisher loving old ma. SheHe's an elegant gold-digging museum curator who believes shehe is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian queen. They fight crime!

HeShe's a deeply religious chivalrous paramedic searching for hisher wife's true killer. SheHe's a green-fingered French-Canadian fairy princess in the witness protection scheme. They fight crime!
(optional: also swap the other gendered words)
HeShe's an ungodly soccer-playing jungle kingqueen on a search for hisher missing sister. SheHe's a psychotic red-headed mermaidmerman living homeless in New York's sewers. They fight crime!

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