May 7th, 2011


Introversion, what it can be and what it isn't necessarily always

The other day I was hanging around with a friend and my friend said "What have you been up to?" and I was tired and hadn't been doing anything unusual since last seeing my friend, so I said "Not much" and my friend looked at me like I had three heads and said "Really?!" And I felt like my friend was judging me for that answer.

[personal profile] elaine4queen posts about how to interact with an introvert, and links to a couple of lists of introvert traits.

(For the record, I think of an introvert as someone who needs alone-time to recharge, and an extrovert as someone who needs social-time to recharge. Most of the other stuff that people associate with introversion and extroversion, I don't think it comes directly out of those tendencies.)

Ten Myths about Introverts and how they apply to meeeeeeeeee.
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