May 20th, 2011

red panda eating bamboo


I am getting the impression that Harold Camping's "Rapture on May 21" prediction is something that people are expected to express an Opinion about.

I was amused by the "Post rapture party" event announcement on Facebook.

I was less amused by the "Post rapture looting" event announcement on Facebook.

I am fascinated by how some businesses are using this as an opportunity to advertise sales, the way they use holidays. My local indie bookstore is having a 20% off everything sale on May 22. They didn't call it a post rapture sale, but it was obvious what they were hinting at.

I didn't grow up in the type of Christian church where people took the end of the world stuff in the Bible literally, so I don't have much emotional charge around these types of predictions, except to think it's odd that some people actually believe in them.

But when I think about it some more, maybe it's not so odd.

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Anyway, all that is to say that in the end it's hard for me to have a firm opinion about the rapture fun-making because I think it's coming from so many different motives. I enjoy the silliness and the celebration of atheism, and I am vaguely worried about the hostile mockery.

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