August 9th, 2011

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G+: Should I stay or should I go?

From here:

Now that Google has clarified the name policy for Google+ I'm trying to decide whether to maintain a Google+ account. Do you have an opinion?

ETA: This is the clarification:

ETA2: I'm not using my legal name on G+. I'm using Firecat Stef.

I'm not worried about having my account suspended because (a) I'm not influential enough for Google to bother about me, and (b) I don't use Google's other services in ways that would be broken if this account's G+ access were suspended.

(I use Google Reader, which is affected if my profile is suspended or private, but my tests have suggested that it's only affected in the sense that I can't "share" stuff or +1 stuff, which is fine. I don't use Picasa or Buzz.)

Reasons to leave

Google+ is not designed for people like me. " The name that commonly identifies you" doesn't apply to me. I have several names; they all commonly identify me, and I insist on choosing which ones I use in which fields.

The name rules are patronizing and controlling. I don't cotton to being patronized and controlled. I don't want to add value to a social networking service that patronizes and controls its users.

If I'm not sure whether my profile will be suspended, I'm unlikely to post anything particularly interesting.

Since I don't want Google to have more private data about me than it already has, I'm unlikely to post anything particularly interesting anyway.

I already try to follow far more information sources than I can keep up with.

Reasons to stay

I like the interface. I seem more inclined to interact with this interface than with Facebook's interface.

I like that I am learning more about some of my friends who are posting different stuff here than I've seen them post elsewhere.

I like some of the political discussions I'm seeing.

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red panda eating bamboo

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