August 23rd, 2011

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Bad mood beverage

Background: I'm in charge of selling my parents' house now that my Dad has moved to a retirement community.

I thought the real estate agent was going to meet the carpet installers at the house this morning, but she didn't. I ended up having to rush over there to sign a paper saying yes, the carpet they brought was the correct color, and I had shown them where to install it. Then I came home. I have to go back over there in a few hours, and after that I'm taking my Dad to my mother-out-law's birthday dinner.

About half an hour after I got home continuous loud jackhammering started at a house nearby. I had to close the windows. Now it is only annoying and not deafening and stressing the cats to pieces.

Closing the windows made the house humid.

So I decided to make myself some iced coffee. We don't actually have real ice, we have colorful fruit-shaped bits of plastic with water in them that we freeze. So here's my bad mood beverage, served in my bad mood coffee mug.
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How games saved people's lives

This article:

brought me to this site:

I don't have an essay long enough to post there, but I sometimes say games saved my sanity because when my Mom was sick, which was something that I had no control over, I found it soothing to play various Facebook games such as Farmville and Fairyland, where the object was to create something, however pointless, in an environment that was very simple, predictable, and orderly.

So it's interesting to see other people acknowledging that games help them in similar ways.

I sometimes read [profile] fandomsecrets and and I like seeing comments about how something supposedly frivolous has made a huge positive difference in someone's life.

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