February 22nd, 2012

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Standing for body diversity and against bullying

The state of Georgia has a fearmongering ad campaign targeted at fat children. It's called Strong4Life. Here is an article about it from Paul Campos: Anti-Obesity Ads Won’t Work By Telling Fat Kids to Stop Being Fat. (Be careful about the comments.)

It's unfortunately typical that efforts to support children's health via nutrition and movement are cast as "anti-childhood-obesity" campaigns. Although some people argue that there's a difference between being against obesity and being against fat people, a lot of people don't feel there's any difference at all. Such a campaign singles out children who are fat and who consider themselves to be fat and supports (intentionally or not) othering, shame, self-blame, and bullying.

There is a movement against this ad campaign and in favor of Health at Every Size. One aspect of the movement is a series of posters with body-diversity-positive messages, here:


Another aspect of the movement is The Billboard Project, which raised money to purchase billboard and bus shelter ad space in Georgia for offering a Health at Every Size message.


Here's my STANDard. Collapse )
If you are so inclined, you can participate in the STANDard project by mailing your photo and words (beginning with "I stand") to marilyn at fatso dot com. She has a group of volunteers who are making the posters. You don't have to be fat to participate.

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