February 26th, 2012

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signal boost: seeking housing in SF Bay Area

I know Serene's kid a little bit, and she's a good person.

[personal profile] serene writes at http://serene.dreamwidth.org/1321531.html

Public post; feel free to share:

Know anyone who needs a housemate? My kid (20 years old, graphic designer who actually makes her rent doing her art freelance, very quiet, no car, wants a small pet eventually) is looking for a space to rent in the $500-700 range. Her musts are: near public transit, must have wifi, must have laundry facilities. Her hopes are a friendly place where she can have her own room, but share common space. She's (obviously) queer- and poly- and geek-friendly, but she's allergic to smoke, so a place where people smoke indoors won't work for her. Let me know if you know of anything, please.

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