July 28th, 2012


Readercon $fail

The story as I understand it is:

Readercon has a zero tolerance sexual harrassment policy.

René Walling, a man who is a fandom celebrity, was found to have engaged in sexual harrassment at Readercon.

The Readercon board ignored their policy and decided to ban him for two years. They later clarified they meant at least two years.

(Roundup here.)

I only have this to say: It seems to me that if Mr. Walling sincerely regretted what he did, he would have accepted the Readercon policy as written rather than requesting or accepting an exception.
(This point is also made well here: http://sinboy.livejournal.com/1298005.html)

The only person who should have the power to say that an exception is OK is the woman who was harrassed. (On the other hand, it shouldn't be her responsibility to make that judgement.)

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