November 20th, 2012

red panda eating bamboo

Defining health

Jon Robison is RLLY SMRT.

the HAES® files: HEALTH—A Holistic, Species-Specific Definition by Jon Robison, PhD, who says:
Living skillfully and compassionately with our inevitable struggles, rather than perpetually searching for the latest holy grail of “optimal health” may come closer to what it truly means to be healthy. Furthermore, the constant pressure to strive for this unreachable perfection; the quest for the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect exercise program, the perfect risk factors, behaviors, etc. set us up for almost inevitable frustration and failure. </a>

He also posts the Food for Thought Pyramid (jpg), which I think I've posted before, but it's something that people probably ought to be exposed to at least as often as the other "Food Pyramid."

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