June 25th, 2014

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Media consumption Wednesday

I haven't done a Reading Wednesday for months, and I'd like to get back to doing something like it more often. This list is mostly spoiler-free but I might put up spoilery longer reviews of some things.


Retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the "evil fairy". Stars Angelina Jolie, who does the role really, really well. ALL THE SQUEE. (Well, except no fat characters and almost no POC.) I can't remember who it was that proposed there was such a thing as a Reverse Bechdel Test (in which a movie has two men, who talk to each other, about something other than a woman). This movie comes close to failing the Reverse Bechdel Test.

Eastern Promises
Viggo Mortensen is a nekkid Russian gangster, directed by David Cronenberg. Um, that is, he's not actually nekkid in the whole movie.

Last Holiday
Queen Latifah plays a shy woman who uncovers her mojo. Passes the Bechdel test, the POC version of the Bechdel test, and the Mako Mori test. ("The Mako Mori test is passed if the movie has: a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.") Also Gerard Depardieu is great.


Kinda doesn't make sense to call it TV any more, but I don't know what else to call it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Episodic series set in Marvel universe. I persisted through the whole season, which had a very slow start, and was rewarded at the end because of the pretty exciting tie-in with Captain America: Winter Soldier. I guess watching the whole series was almost worth it. I guess I'll be watching the next season of it, but I'm waffling about whether to buy the whole season on iTunes or buy episode-by-episode. (We don't have good enough TV reception to watch it over the air, plus we like not having to deal with ads.)

Death Note
Police-procedural anime series about a notebook that falls out of the realm of the Gods of Death. If you write someone's name in it, the person dies. There are two series and two movies. The first series is really good. The first movie is good, especially the actor who plays "L," the eccentric genius detective. I didn't like the second series/movie as well but they were OK. There is supposed to be an American remake of the movie and I'm dreading it.


Kij Johnson, "Ponies" (Available free from Tor.com)
Awesome story. But ouch!

Lynne Murray, Josephine Fuller series
Four short novels about a fat woman who isn't a private investigator actually but she keeps ending up in the middle of crimes and solving them, and also has opportunities to talk about fat-acceptance, but there is a lot more story than lecturing. They're set in California (San Francisco, Napa Valley, San Diego) and Seattle, and they poke fun at some alternative subcultures, especially health nuts, in a fairly inoffensive way. There are also lots of cats.

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