January 13th, 2016

red panda eating bamboo

a bottle of old linkspam from 2015 just floated in

"Operations like Thriftbooks step in and buy ... landfill-bound books, sight unseen, for around 10 cents a pound....Between 15 and 18 people at each warehouse sift through the truckloads of books, sending more than 80 percent of the material immediately to the recycling plant. (Hey, it’s better than the dump.) That 80 percent may include stuff that’s obviously garbage: old three-ring binders, notebooks, half of a Bible. Anything that might possibly be sellable is scanned into the company’s database.
"...The sellers wouldn’t tell me exactly how much profit they make on penny books. Shipping costs vary depending on the kinds of deals you can cut with delivery services."

“There’s a limit to how many copies of Jurassic Park I can sell,” [Mike Ward, owner of Thrift Books] explains. “If I already have a thousand in inventory and I think I’m only going to sell 500 in the next three months, I don’t want any more.”
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