July 30th, 2016

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Talking back to anonymous anarchists

I think several of Anonymous's criticisms are true and well said. Several other things on the list strike me as the childish complaints of people with privilege who can't get used to not having 100% control of the public discourse in radical political movements. So I shall ramble on about my opinions.

http://news.infoshop.org/opinion/things-anarchists-say "Things anarchists say to me in private but never repeat in public" by Anonymous 8/4/2015. (Taken from Reddit)

I do not identify as an anarchist, although I share some beliefs in common with some anarchists. So keep that in mind.

1) “Call-out culture was developed to allow activist groups to confront leaders who abused their privilege, but now it is being used to settle petty scores on the level of interpersonal politics. I now have a hard time believing some people when they make call-outs because I have seen too many that were based on nothing. Call-outs have become a way to acceptably inflict social violence and rarely are followed up in any way resembling transformative justice because people are not interested in doing the hard work of working with those who are called out.”
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