September 20th, 2016

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A linkspam of mathematical yarncrafts

Over on Facebook someone shared with me this video about the use of yarncrafts in mathematics:

Here's the accompanying article:

I've been collecting links about this subject for a while so I offered to do a linkspam.

Particularly rich sites to investigate:
Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro's mathematical knitting page., the yarncraft home of mathematicians Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer.
They also have a Ravelry group.
In detail:
The original paper about crocheting and mounting the Lorenz manifold.
Crochet your own Lorenz manifold
An interview with the people who designed and crocheted a hyperbolic plane.
Mary Pat Campbell's fractal crochet
Gallery of sierpinski crochet
Random stripe generator
Tessellated fish
A recipe for knitting a Klein bottle (which can be worn as a hat)
The Crochet Coral Reef, a project of the Institute for Figuring
(this isn't strictly mathematical, but a lot of the creatures depicted grow in ways that can be depicted using hyperbolic plane crochet)
You can participate in this project. Some example patterns here:
Cable knitting using random numbers
Knitting using cellular automata
Cellular Automaton pattern generator (uses Flash)
Cellular automaton pattern examples

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