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The 100 things meme

I used mittelweg's list.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. *Asterisk* the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't *asterisk*, replace with things about you (optional: that are related to the things you replaced).

01. I am a woman
02. I don't often make eye contact with people.
*03. Alcoholism runs in my family.
04. I decorate with bric-a-brac.
05. I sometimes believe in a God (of a sort).
*06. I believe a universal "guiding intelligence" is possible, but it would really depend on how you define things.
07. I have never changed a flat tire.
08. I don't need more sleep these days, but I used to be very sleep deprived.
09. I hate it when people use "how r u" instead of "how are you," but now that I've tried to enter messages using a cell phone keypad, I understand why they do it sometimes.
10. I prefer cooperative games
*11. I sometimes make drastic changes to my hair's color or length.
12. I've been through one hurricane, many blizzards, several ice storms, one big earthquake, and several small earthquakes.
13. I have a bunch of shoes I never wear.
14. I don't understand why some people crave increasing amounts of power.
15. I have both more and less patience than I used to, and I like it that way.
16. I a member of the mile-high club only in the most technical sense, and no I'm not going to explain that further.
17. I am glad there is no decade-ahead future globe where you could see results of your decisions. However, I wish there were a one-week-to-six-months-ahead future globe, especially for some people.
*18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I think most things are better with a few drops of chili oil.
20. Onions and garlic smelly yummy when cooking.
21. I don't understand how some people can listen to music with lyrics and work at the same time.
*22. I love rainy days.
23. I need to clean my study.
24. I think some short men are incredibly hot.
*25. I doubt I will ever be a parent.
26. I have a few issues, but generally I'm pretty satisfied with how I handle them.
27. I listen to new music, but find myself going back to old favorites more often.
28. I torture myself about social gaffes or thoughtless acts I made decades ago.
29. I like personality tests and horoscopes and Tarot and stuff, although a fair amount less than I used to.
*30. I don't really believe in them except as ego-stroking thought-provokers.
31. My car was once rear-ended by a Rolls Royce.
*32. I like pizza.
33. My organizational motivation is affected by my menustral cycle.
*34. I wish I had more energy.
*35. Some days I just want to tell them all to go to hell and die.
*36. I feel sorry for cats with dirty boxes.
37. I think people are basically people.
*39. I like them anyway.
39. I love dogs.
*40. I think cut-tags are good and happy things.
*41. I really enjoy creative and personal gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. I wish people were more tolerant of sex in movies and TV than violence.
43. I agonize over decisions but don't second-guess them once I've made them.
44. My parents once gave me a tin of Trivial Pursuit fortune cookies, but I've only ever played Trivial Pursuit once.
45. I don't own a chess board, and know very little about playing chess.
46. My cat doesn't claw my furniture.
47. I don't hold on to bad feelings for a long time now that I'm on drugs.
*48. I am rarely vindictive.
48. I don't miss being a child for a single moment.
49. It stands to reason that prayers, meditation, and working with energy are better for mental health than for direct physical healing, but I haven't made up my mind about the matter.
50. I don't like talking on the phone.
*51. I like silence at times.
52. I am ambivalent about traveling to Japan.
53. Sleeping late with my loved one(s) next to me almost never happens for me.
*54. I’m tired of worrying about shit.
*55. I LOVE office supplies.
*56. I dislike The Three Stooges.
*57. I know far too few songs.
58. I would not like to be more flamboyant.
59. I am not usually very sentimental, but sometimes I really surprise myself.
60. I am more or less where I thought I'd be five years ago.
61. I'm usually pretty happy with my relative lack of convictions, but sometimes it's inconvenient.
62. I create clutter.
63. I don't blow up. And when I get really angry, it's not over quickly.
*64. I can be emotional.
*65. I dislike diamonds, but I like many other gems. Pretty rocks!
*66. I generally prefer staying in with friends to going out to a large social event.
67. I want not to worry about money.
68. I never solved my Rubik's Cube.
69. I had a boyfriend my senior year in high school.
70. My parents have been married for 43 years.
71. I think it might be nice to keep rats.
*72. I don't generally like attending live music events.
73. I own a house.
*74. I have written pretty good poetry.
*75. I thrive under pressure -- for short periods.
*76. I resist jumping to conclusions.
77. I am usually not very aggressive, except on the Internet.
*78. I have a hard time guessing people's ages.
79. I sometimes laugh silently at inappropriate times.
*80. I like classical music.
*81. I've used pirated software.
82. I wish there weren't such huge wealth disparities in the world, but I don't know what to do about it.
*83. I think people are often mistaken about what "lifting" [other people up] is.
84. I am probably basically Taoist, among other things.
85. I don't like smugness.
86. I am sometimes too unconcerned with the problems of those closest to me. But I like that I have more choice about whether to worry about other people's problems than I used to.
*87. I almost never wonder how my life could have turned out if I had made different choices.
88. I wish people were better at accepting responsibility for their actions.
*89. I'm right-handed.
90. Our cat sleeps on the bed.
*91. I'm scared of hurting people.
92. I wish I knew the truth. But when I do and no one else believes me, it feels lonely and weird.
93. I miss Babylon 5.
94. Pornographic video has been taken of me, and as far as I know, not distributed.
95. I don't currently have a membership to a gym but that might change tomorrow.
96. I really really like shoes, but don't own a lot of them. (This does not contradict Fact 13.)
97. I believe in underwear.
98. Briefs or boxers: whatever.
*99. I sometimes find suicidal fantasies very comforting.
*100. I like doing silly surveys.
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