Stef (firecat) wrote,

Animal noises

One of the more entertaining features of my trip to the San Francisco Zoo with kyubi yesterday was hearing a variety of animal noises.

The Magellanic penguins in particular were being chatty. Here are examples of their calls. (The 2d clip is more representative of what they were doing yesterday - only imagine about 20 penguins doing that all at once, at a much louder volume.)

One of the young male snow leopards caught sight of a keeper (who was carrying a large cat carrier with two fishing cat kittens inside) and began whuffing and making noises that sound exactly like an exasperated, bored housecat at 3 am. (Scroll down the page to the snow leopards.)

This got one of the male lions going. He roared and grunted for quite a long time. (He also did this later in response to some children who were "roaring" continuously at him for about five minutes.)

The lemurs were also making a lot of noise, perhaps because there was some construction going on near their habitat. Imagine this. especially the last half of it, multiplied by five or ten. (Lemurs manage to sound like more animals than are really there - as far as I can tell, the zoo has somewhere around 20 lemurs, but when they start making noise, they sound like at least 50 animals to me.)
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