Stef (firecat) wrote,

Movies/TV shows

Some movies and TV shows I watched in 2003 (many of which were released much earlier)

Amadeus: The Director's Cut (I liked the original better than the director's cut, which adds a subplot I found annoying and distracting.)

Animatrix (9 animated shorts by Japanese directors, set in the Matrix universe. This is one of my favorite movies of the year. It's light years better than the second two Matrix features.)

Chicago (I didn't like it, except for Queen Latifah's number. Yum.)

Coupling (British TV series. First season had some extremely funny moments. Second season wasn't as funny.)

Fearless (Peter Weir directed. It moved me a lot.)

Hedwig & the Angry Inch (Stage play. It made more sense than the movie. The audience was disappointing; they just sat there.)

Jeeves & Wooster (TV series. Cute.)

Jubei Chan, Ninja Girl: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch (Anime series, with a strong element of parody. Unique.)

The Last Samurai (It's not very historically accurate, but it's moving and very well done.)

Lawrence of Arabia (Glad I finally saw it.)

Lemurs (TV special with John Cleese. Educational and very funny. Don't miss Cleese doing the Lemur Ballet.)

Lion in Winter (Excellent. Emotionally exhausting. I miss Katherine Hepburn.)

Matrix Reloaded & Matrix Revolutions (Visually impressive. Plot holes the size of small planets.)

Quigley Down Under (Alan Rickman looks good on horseback.)

Scarlet Empress (Superb old movie starring Marlene Dietrich, with gender-bender theme.)

Subway (directed by Luc Besson. La Femme Nikita is better, but this is interesting)

Tamala2010: A Punk Cat in Space (anime in a retro 1950s style. Otherwise completely indescribable.)

Vampire Hunter D (classic fantasy anime. The hero reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Sandman character a bit.)

Winged Migration (Feature-length documentary on bird migration. Very pretty to look at, but you probably won't learn a lot of facts.)
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