Stef (firecat) wrote,

The latest LJ friends meme

What 3 LJ friends have you known longest?
The person on my friends list I've known the longest is tangleweeds; we were good friends in high school. But I found her journal after she'd already apparently left LJ. Next on the list is jonsinger, whom I met in 1988, and who helped me get onto Usenet for the first time in '91. (I would point and shout "It's his fault!" but he actually told me not to get on Usenet and I ignored the advice.) Then there are a few people I met on Usenet in the early 90s -- porcinea and pir_anha on; kyubi and nellorat on I met a few folks through the OH-to-be around the same time -- mdlbear, flower_cat, chaoswolf, figmo, chriso, johno, and carol_kitty among them. If I've forgotten anyone, please thwap me.

Is/are your significant other/s on LJ?
Some are, some (notably the OH) aren't.

Do you have LJ friends you've never met in real life?
Yes, a bunch. I'm not going to liste them all here, because (a) I'm too lazy and (b) I'm bad with names and will probably make mistakes and annoy people.

Do you have friends you met first on LJ, then in real life?
A few. See above.

Does it hurt your feelings when someone unfriends you?
Depends on the circumstances. So far, usually not.

(Unrelatedly, however, I tend to feel annoyed at the standard "cleaning up the friends list" post that I've seen a lot of people make, especially if it orders me "not to take it personally." I think it's because I dislike that phrase in general.)

What would make you unfriend someone?
I unfriend people who unfriend me if I don't read their journals regularly anyway.

Do you discuss personal information in your LJ?
Some kinds of personal information, sure. There's a lot I don't discuss though.
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