Stef (firecat) wrote,

A really good burger

For a while now I've been working toward buying more organic and small-farm food, mainly by buying as many groceries as possible from Planet Organics, an organic produce and groceries delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When the BSE thing hit the news, I decided to use it as an excuse to eat only humanely raised and vegetarian-fed beef - I think the risk of actually getting BSE is pretty small, but it offered a convenient lever to do something I was working toward anyway.

The OH has been a bit grumpy about the restrictions this places on our sharing food at restaurants. So we've been trying to find restaurants that serve humanely raised beef.

Today we were running an errand in San Mateo, and he said that he wanted a hamburger for lunch and it was up to me to decide where to eat. So I poked around on the web, starting with the Niman Ranch Where to Eat page. (Niman Ranch is a US-based company that contracts with small farmers in the West and Midwest to supply humanely raised beef and pork.) They listed a restaurant in San Mateo called Burger Brasserie, but it seems to be out of business. They also listed 231 Ellsworth, but I didn't want to spend that much for lunch.

My web search eventually led to a report in the San Mateo County Times about The Prince of Wales Pub, which has recently started serving Kobe beef burgers from Snake River Farms.

So we went there. The only places to sit were right under the speaker and right next to the dartboard, and we bravely chose the dartboard. It's a charming dive. And the Kobe burger is really. good.

Google also taught me that the Prince of Wales Pub is famous for its Habanero Hamburger (go to the end of the page for tips on surviving the experience). Although I like a drop or two of habanero sauce in, say, an entire pot of soup, I certainly have no intention of eating a hamburger laced with who knows how much of the stuff.
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