Stef (firecat) wrote,

Some of today's events

11:20 am
I just saw a hummingbird sipping from my Woolly Blue Curls!

(No hummingbird in the picture, just the Woolly Blue Curls)

12:30 pm
OK, I've done nothing today but wake up, drink coffee, and read the net. No shower, no pills, no exercise, nothing from my to do list. Oh yeah, I set up a plan to have lunch with Oc (but only because she called me). Why am I being such a slug?

Time to get off the net.

2:50 pm Had lunch w/ Oc at Diving Pelican Cafe at the Redwood City Marina. Returned blechy books on tape to the library, took out more and hopefully better books on tape. Bought sandwiches to eat for dinner before our CPR class, came home, spilled 1/2 a bottle of cranberry juice cocktail on the kitchen floor (quite a trick given that it was a closed plastic bottle -- the cap shattered), cleaned up juice, decided that was sufficient exercise for the day.

10:20 pm
Napped, then went to CPR class. I've never taken one before (I was squicked by the idea of practicing on a real human, which is how they were doing it when I first found out about them). Now they use high tech dummies with pressure gauges and washable rubber face masks and disposable plastic bag lungs. The class included a tour of the county fire station. Since the fire fighters have 24 hour shifts, they live there. They have pretty nice digs. B was drooling over their stove with six big gas burners. He asked if they had ever had a kitchen fire. The instructor, who's been a fire fighter for 16 years, said that most fire station stoves are connected to the emergency response bell and automatically go off when they get called out, so the food doesn't get burnt. (But he grumped that it also doesn't get cooked either.)

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