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What kind of poly person are you?

The suggested answers to the quiz are a really bad fit, and besides, the quiz doesn't have any k001 pictures included. So I'll just answer the questions freeform.

My relationships generally last: anywhere from a day to 14 years and counting.

I get jealous if a partner ___ with another person of the same sex as I. No. I get jealous in some specific situations with specific people, but I don't have a "generic verb" jealousy trigger.

When my relationships break down, it's usually because: There isn't any specific reason that comes up frequently. Usually some of these apply: lack of compatibility, different languages of love, sexual differences, difficulty in communicating, not "getting" each other, not having the time or energy to keep an LDR going, drifting apart, other partners disapproving of the relationship, not feeling willing to invest the time or energy in solving the problems.

Could you tell your partner about being sexually attracted to another person?
Sure, if they want me to.

What do you tell your partners about your other partners?
I tell them that I have other partners and tell them whatever else they ask about or whatever seems appropriate to the amount of "confiding" in our relationship, unless I've specifically been asked to keep something private.

What do you do when you feel jealous towards your partner about a new partner of theirs?
Talk about it with the partner in question, and with other friends and partners, and sometimes on online forums, to get perspective.

Why do you consider yourself polyamorous?
I have multiple romantic/sexual relationships with the knowledge and consent of all concerned.

How many partners do you have right now?
I never know how to answer this question. Does it mean people I'm committed to and have romantic relationships with? Does it mean people I'm committed to and have had sex with in the last few months? Does it include people I'd like to be closer to if I had more time and energy? Does it include people I'm committed to but we're not being romantic with right now because there are problems? Anyway, depending on how I answer those questions, somewhere between three and seven.

How many partners would you have, ideally?
If I could make the world into my ideal place, then some of the variables I would adjust directly would relate to getting more time to do everything I want to do. I would not directly adjust the "number of partners" variable. I would let that sort itself out based on the available time and energy and interest of everyone involved.
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